Best Android TV box

So, you’ve chosen to go for an Android TV box to transform your television into a sweet little media center. These android TV boxes are great alternatives that allows you to stream movies and shows, play game or surf the internet from your Television. Not all android TV boxes are the same and of course some are better than others. You want a TV media player to do exactly what you need and something less will just ruin the whole experience. There are hundreds of Android TV boxes but after testing, scouring through manufacturers specifications and customer reviews, we have presented the top products that can claim to be the best Android TV box.

 ProcessorRAMInternal StoragePrice

CX-919 RK3188 Quad Core ARM Mini PC TV Box

1.6 ghz Quad Core ARM Cortex A9, Rockchip RK3188 CPU2GB8GB


G-Box Midnight MX2 TV Box

Amlogic A9 Dual Core Neon HD CPU1GB8GB


M8 Amlogic S802 TV box

Cortex-A9 Quad Core Amlogic S802 CPU2GB8GB


MiniX Neo X5 mini TV Box

Dual-Core RK3066 Cortex A91GB8GB


Minix Neo X7 TV Box

Quad Core Cortex A92GB16GB


Tronsmart MK908 Mini PC TV Box

Cortex A9 Rk3188 Quad Core CPU2GB8GB


Tronsmart Vega S89-H Android TV Box

Cortex-A9 Quad Core Amlogic S802 CPU2GB16GB



Best android mini PC stick – The CX-919

CX-919 Android PC mini stick

Android mini sticks are obviously not boxes but they function exactly the same way as android tv boxes, the only difference being their size and shape. They come as sticks which is great if you want to tuck it behind the TV free from sight. Although their compact size does mean that they don’t have the full range of input ports that the TV boxes offer and since they are meant to be mini PC’s they do not come with a remote control.
If the android mini PC stick is something you would like to get, then the CX-919 is for you. Like all quad core processors speed and performance is no issue, so it will handle gaming and video playback effortlessly. What would set the CX-919 apart from other Android Mini PC sticks is it’s WiFi capability. The CX-919, unlike it’s competitors, is the only mini PC stick to have an external WiFi antenna. This is a very good feature as mostly all Android mini PC sticks do not come with Ethernet jack (you can use an Ethernet adapter through USB) so WiFi is the only way to go. You will need a strong and stable internet connection to stream those HD movies or TV shows.

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Best android TV box for xbmc – The G-box Midnight MX2

G-box Midnight Android TV box

The G-box Midnight MX2 does have a cool name although this TV box has only one thing in mind and that is XBMC. As with all Android TV boxes it does have good speed and performance due to its quad core CPU and does support a wide range of video formats but whats sets this TV box apart is that is come with it’s own version of XBMC designed by experts specializing in XBMC. This version of XBMC allows makes it very easy to apply several different add ons such as Amazon and Hulu. It comes with a customized launcher which works great with the included TV style remote control to watch movies or navigate around XBMC. Internet browsing and playing games is possible on this although it is a bit tough. If all you are looking for in a media player is to enjoy XBMC then the G-Box Midnight MX2 is the android TV box for you.


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Best overall android TV box – The Minix X7

Minix X7 Android TV box

The Minix Neo X7 is the best choice when it comes to android tv boxes right now. Starting with its build quality, you can tell that the Minix X7 is sturdy and doesn’t have a cheap plasticy feel that you sometimes get with similar products. It has great performance and runs smooth and fast when playing all types of games but its best feature is it’s video playback, It handles high resolution and high definition video files of all formats with no sweat . The included remote works well, unlike its competitors, and makes navigation through the included custom launcher by Minix simple and easy. The Minix X7 does come with a sizable external WiFi antenna that is just excellent. It has great range and signal quality is very good. You can even plug in an Ethernet cable and use the X7 as a wireless router, something that other similar devices can’t do. The X7 just makes a great companion for your TV whether you want to sit on the couch and watch HD movies or TV show, whip out your joystick and play some games or just surf the internet or check emails. The Minix X7 is simply the best Android TV box you can get right now.

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