16 TV shows that have NO bad episodes

We’ve seen shows that start out really good but get horribly bad in the later season. Then there are those shows that just start out badly and eventually get cancelled. But then there are those awesome shows that don’t have a single bad episode.

Here are the best 16 examples of those:

1. Arrested development


2. Band Of Brothers



3. Firefly


4. Sherlock


5. The Wire


6. The IT Crowd


7. Whose line is it anyway


8. Better Off Ted


9. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia


10. Freaks & Geeks


11. The League


12. Mr. Bean


13. Party Down


14. The Inbetweeners


15. Breaking Bad


16. Spaced


You may have not seen or heard some of the shows on the list. So if you’re planning to start a new TV show you can’t go wrong with any of the shows listed above.

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