Android TV box keyboard

Android TV boxes do come with remote controls although the remote is a little hard to use when you you need to type in a web address in your browser or when you want to play some games. You can just plug in your USB keyboard and mouse but they would be too big and those wires are too messy. Here are some awesome keyboards to go with your Android TV box.

Logitech k400 wireless keyboard

This is a great little wireless keyboard that will make typing and navigating much easier. It has a very sleek design and will work great while you sit back on your couch. The keyboard has quite keys with easy to read characters and a built in 3.5″ touch pad with multi-touch great for navigating around the stock android launcher. If you find yourself needing to type more frequently on your Android TV box then this keyboard will work great.

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Anker® Mini Bluetooth Handheld Keyboard 

The Anker Mini Bluetooth Handheld keyboard is a product that is much smaller then the Logitech k400 for those users who really don’t want a full size keyboard. Like the Logitech k400 this device manages to pack a full keyboard and built in touch pad all in a super compact design. Don’t let it’s size fool you, it comes with direction buttons and a variety of shortcut buttons that will work great with Android, plus it comes with back lighting so you can use it when you’ve turned off the lights. All Android TV boxes right now come with Bluetooth so the Anker handheld keyboard will work fine, but there is a 2.4G wireless model if you have an old Android mini PC stick with no Bluetooth or you just want to save a few bucks.


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Tronsmart TSM-01 Air Mouse + Keyboard

The Tronsmart TSM-01 is not just a keyboard but it is also an air mouse. An air mouse is more direct and may be easier to use then a touch pad or even a conventional mouse. You wave the Air mouse around and use the right and left click buttons found on the front. There are also directional buttons and a nice Home button that works great with Android. Flip the device around and you will access the keyboard. With no touch pad needed the keyboard has nice spacing between buttons which makes it so much easier to type which can be a problem on the Anker Handheld Keyboard. Another nice thing about this keyboard is that it has a volume rocker control on the side which makes it a great all around Android TV box keyboard.

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