M8 Amlogic S802 Review


The M8 is a new addition to the selection of android TV boxes that are now available in the market. It’s sleek, minimalistic and futuristic design makes it a perfect complement to the latest technologies that are continuously evolving. This device is up to date with it’s features making you able to keep up with all updates and developments most especially those in the Android market. This device is such a good deal that we put together research bits about it’s features and why you should consider getting yourself your own.



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M8-Amlogic-S802 (1)The M8 is powered by the Amlogic S802 quad core Cortex A9 processor, which is believed to bring a noticeable speed on your android TV box as compared to the ones that were previously made. With this alone, you know that you are facing something that is top of the line in terms of it’s performance. It does not end there though. This device comes with the Android 4.4.2 Kitkat Operating System, making it up to date with everything the Android world has to offer. It supports the use of a lot of applications from the Google Play Store such as Facebook and Skype. How does an android TV box allow you to use such applications you ask? It’s simple. With the use of an HDMI port which you will be attaching to your TV, you will be able to enjoy social networking just like using your mobile phone. This device also allows the use of a webcam which you can connect through USB for video chat purposes.


This feature allows speedy hardware decoding in Android which then will result to smoother and polished video streaming and browsing with the use of the M8 android TV box. This also offers upgraded audio functions, and improved user interface and crisp video playback. It supports AVI, MKV, FLV and MP4 videos, having no porblems with the display and audio.


  • 2 GB RAM and 8 GB of built in internal storage
  • Card reader for SD/SDHC/MMc cards (up to 64 GB)
  • HDMI CEC support
  • 1080p user interface
  • Blu-Ray ISO and 4K video playback
  • DOLBY TrueHD and DTS HD Bypass through HDMI
  • Good wifi and ethernet performance
  • Supports Bluetooth 4.0


M8-Amlogic-S802 (2)The M8 android TV box is a device that bundles a good number of nice features. It takes android TV boxes up a notch in terms of its ability to support more technical and sophisticated functions. It’s quick response time and easy installation makes it a good buy for the general public. It also has advanced features for those techies.

There are around 25 reviews given on Amazon for this device and more than half of them gave ratings at 4 to 5 stars. Most reviews given are on the positive side but also some observations and personal criticisms were given.

One review stated that: “the blue light on the front is a friggin laser. if your gonna use this you’ll want to cover it up, or point sideways or something. its really bright in total darkness”, an acceptable road bump but it doesn’t directly affect the main function of the android TV box, so I guesss, you’ll just have to find a way to tone that LED light down.

Others said: “Overall I am satisfied with the M8 Amlogic S802 that I purchased. It is user friendly.” and “This box call do it all. I was getting tried of watching Netflix on my tablet and computer, so I took the plunge with this little device. It was easy to setup and allows me to access the google play store just like my phone and tablet.”

The positive features of this device outweighs the set-backs which makes us recommend its purchase.


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The M8 Amlogic S802 android Tv box is a compilation of up to date features which makes it a remarkable product as compared to its competitors. It provides a good video playback experience as supported by its crisp audio feed. A few factors that would put it above others would be its Android Kitkat 4.4 operating system, its Amlogic quadcore S802 quadcore processor and it’s ability to support the use of a USB webcam which is great for video chatting. All in all, it is user-friendly and it serves its purpose really well hence making it to one of our recommendations for an android TV box.

Click here to check out the M8 Amlogic S802 TV box on Amazon


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