Matricom G-Box Q Review

Matricom created quite a hit with their G-Box Midnight MX2, a player that was strong in the XBMC game and provided customers with good support. Todays TV boxes are getting more powerful and Matricom has now puts their spotlight on the new G-Box Q. Like with many of the top Android TV boxes now, the G-box Q is powered by a quad-core CPU paired with an octo-core gpu. Matricom claims that it has 4 times more powerful then the previous MX2 and the form factor and design is definetly an upgrade from the previous G-Box Midnight MX2.


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Matricom_G-Box_QXBMC developers have have designed their own special edition “Matricom Media Center” specifically for the G-Box Q which is based on Kodi. Kodi is an open source software developed by the XBMC foundation which acts as a platform to watch and listen to any video and music on available on the Internet or on local media storage. Kodi can be customized with a variety of different skins to change the look and feel of the user interface. You no longer need subscriptions or cable bills because kodi has offers a lot of free streaming add ons.

Amazing Warranty

You don’t need to worry about damaging or playing around with your G-Box Q because the Matricom Company¬†claims that they have “The best warranty in the WOLRD.” Matricom covers your G-Box Q unconditionally for up to a year from the date of purchase. You can now try and hack into your TV box or go as extreme as “test” if the it is waterproof because the Matricom warranty apparently has you covered.

Features and Specifications

  • Quad-Core S802 CPU
  • Octo-Core Mali450 GPU
  • Matricom Experience Launcher
  • Android 4.4

Customer Reviews and Scores

Matricom_G-Box_Q_backThe Matricom G-Box Q scores 4.1 stars out of 5 stars with 436 customer reviews as of the time of writing. It received a 5 star rating from 258 customers and only 39 customers gave it a 1 star.

One customer who gave it 5 stars mentions how the TV box is great for watching movies for FREE thanks to the “Matricom Media Center” which is based on Kodi. He says, “Best thing you can ever buy if you like movies and tv shows. Use to have apple tv, but you have to pay for everything, now with this box everything is free. Awesome.”

Some customers who gave the G-Box Q a 1 star rating did not like the “Matricom Experience Launcher” at all. The reviewer stresses this and mentions, “The launcher is terrible, not Android.” The “Matricom Experience Launcher” has received a total overhaul and might not play well with others”.

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Matricom_G-Box_Q_boxWith a Quad-Core CPU coupled with an Octo-Core GPU the Matricom G-Box Q has the power under the hood that is very well expected in modern android TV boxes today. This means smooth video playback and an overall high performance. Research and development have put quite a lot in Kodi and their own “Matricom Media Center” to provide tons of streaming media which is most importantly, FREE. The new “Matricom Experience Launcher” may be a delight to others but naturally may not be for others but because the G-Box Q runs on Android 4.4 users can install and use other Launchers available in the play store.

Click here to check out the Matricom G-Box Q on Amazon


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