Minix Neo X7 Review


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Price Range:

$116.10 – $132.99 Click here to check out the latest prices of the the Minix X7 on Amazon


Excellent Firmware – The firmware included in the Minix Neo X7 simply amazing. With a 1080p firmware playback is guaranteed to run smoothly. The best thing about the firmware is that it receives updates very regularly which is a good sign that your device will keep you happy for a very long time.

Good Support – Minix is a company based in the US so you can be assured that support fast and reliable. The Minix company works hard and regularly updates the firmware to keep it well maintained. Although you can also go with a custom ROM. There is huge support from developers who develop custom ROMs for the Minix Neo X7 if ever you get bored with the stock firmware.

Great Built – The Minix Neo X7 as a physical product is really great. It has straight angles which makes it feel and look very solid and sturdy. It’s external WIFI antenna is very robust and stable and unlike other similar products the Minix Neo X7 has 3 full size USB ports to connect all your peripherals without worrying about lag when using usb hub adapters.

Click here to check out the Minix NEO X7 on Amazon


A common problem with the Minix Neo X7 is XBMC. XBMC is available out of the box although it has major issues. Although since Minix released firmware updates very regularly issues with XBMC might be gone in the future. This issue is very small since the Minix Neo X7 can do so much more other then XBMC and if you really want an Android TV box for the sole purpose of XBMC then you should go for the G-box Midnight MX2 TV box which is tailor made for XBMC.

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Minix offers a 2 year warranty for just below $10, although if you purchase through Amazon you get their money-back guarantee policy.

Value for money:

The Minix Neo X7 is hands down great value for money. Starting with the build quality and available ports and accessories this android TV box already shines. Add in a reliable company based in the US which regularly releases firmware updates and the Minix Neo X7 is easily the best all around Android TV box available today.

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Where to buy:

Click here to check out the Minix NEO X7 on Amazon

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