Nvidia SHIELD Review

Nvidia has made quite a name for themselves in the computer industry specializing in hardware mainly for gaming. Nvidia have a host of graphics cards for the PC and lately have dabbled in tablets and gaming consoles. Recently Nvidia has branched out to TV’s and their latest offering the Nvidia SHIELD is their answer to Android TV box.

The all New Android TV is Google very own TV platform for their very popular Android operating system. NVidia SHIELD is one of the few set top boxes that exclusively run on Android TV. Being a set top box it simply connects to the TV and you are all set. The box comes in a very flashy and high tech design with some very sharp lines where green light emits from. The companies simple logo is printed on the front and on the back you can find a MicroSD slot, two USB 3.0 ports,  a micro USB port, an HDMI 2.0 port and an Ethernet jack. Included in the box is the SHIELD controller which resembles the Xbox controller for gaming and navigation of the user interface.

The base package includes the Nvidia SHIELD with 16GB of storage and the SHIELD controller. A bundle with 500GB of storage with a remote controller is also available for purchase.

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Power and Performance

device and controllerThe Nvidia SHIELD not surprisingly has quite a lot of power under the hood. Nvidia has made its name in gaming and performance so it’s expected that the SHIELD has some awesome power as well. The SHIELD is powered by the advanced NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor which delivers a lot more power compared to other set top boxes on the market. If that’s not enough for you it has 3GB of memory which is unheard of in set top boxes. The SHIELD has such powerful specs so it can run 4K Ultra HD video with no jumps and glitches.

Gaming Machine

The SHIELD must be exceptional in gaming since it was developed by Nvidia. Its power and performance is great for video quality which makes for excellent viewing experience but of course this power is what gaming is all about. Games can be streamed and played very smoothly with no lags and delays. There are several games available on the Playstore to be played straight from the SHIELD and thanks to GeForce NOW you can stream games from your PC. The bundle includes the controller is reminiscent of the Xbox controller, it is wireless has a microphone for voice integration lastly it has its own headphone for private listening.

Features and Specs

  • NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor
  • 256-core NVIDIA graphics
  • 3 GB RAM
  • Android TV, Google Cast Ready

Customer Review and Scores

frontAs of the time of writing the Nvidia SHIELD has 4.2 stars out of 5 and was reviewed by 621 people. 66% of these people gave it a full 5 stars and only 9% gave it 1 star.

As an Android TV box the SHIELD should be great for media consumption and it is evident in reviews. A customer who scored it a 5 stars comments on media consumption: “Overall this is alread the most complete cord-cutting solution I have found (I have tried an apple tv, roku, nexus player, fire tv).”

The Nvidia SHIELD doesn’t have a TV remote included and must be bought seperatley. A customer who gave it 1 star shares this in their review, “…no remote came in the package. Whats the deal?”

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device and controllerThe Nvidia SHIELD is hands down the most powerful and well performing Android TV box on the market. With this power and performance smooth and crisp 4k Ultra HD video can be viewed which is excellent for consuming media from several apps and services available on Android TV. Nvidia is known for gaming so the SHIELDs power and performance supports gaming. Games can be either downloaded from the Playstore or streamed straight from your PC through GeForce NOW and can be played with the included controller.

Some may complain about the absence of a TV controller although Android TV is heavily dependent on voice integration and the included controller has a microphone just for that. If you still need that TV remote a bundle of the SHIELD can be purchased which includes the TV remote.

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