Probox2 EX Review

The Probox2 brand has entered into the Android TV box with a bang with it’s flagship model the Probox2 EX with free Remote+. With a powerful Quad-core processor and an Octo-core GPU these specifications almost are standard for high end android TV boxes. The Probox2 has a very squarish design that is reminiscent of the the Minix Models. It also has an impressively robust external antenna that should ensure good Wi-Fi connections. The included Remote+ works amazingly and it is prerooted which is a very nice addition.


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Awesome remote

PROBOX2_EX_remote+When you purchase the Probox2 EX you get a basic infra red remote plus the more advanced PROBOX2 Remote+. The Remote+ is more then just a remote it is also an air mouse and will double as a gaming controller. Using the air mouse is so much more natural and intuitive when navigating around the user interface. The Remote+ has a game mode button that allows you to flip it on its side and use it as a game controller complete with directional buttons. The Remote+ has very good microphone that works exceptionally well. It will detect speech very accurately which is very convenient when inputting text because with TV boxes keyboards aren’t present.

Comes pre rooted

It is not indicated although the Probox2 EX comes prerooted out of the box. Some android TV boxes overlook this and it might seem quite minor but this is really very useful because you don’t have to go to the trouble of rooting your device yourself. The process of rooting your device can be done although it is usually quite extensive and can get quite technical, there is also a risk that your device will get “bricked” if done incorrectly. A rooted TV box gives you full access to your devices system and also allows you to download and install apps that requires root access.

Features and Specifications

  • Quad Core Cortex A9r4 Processor Amlogic S802-H 2.0GHz
  • Octo Core Mali-450 GPU
  • Dual band wifi 2.4G
  • 5.8G; Bluetooth 4.0

Customer Reviews and Scores

PROBOX2_EX_antennaThe Probox2 EX scores a 4.1 out of 5 stars from 7 customer reviews as of the time of writing. 4 customers scored it a perfect 5 stars and only 1 gave it a 2 star score with no 1 star score. In one review it is clear that the fast specs should really be a standard among Android TV boxes today. “This box is awesome. Much faster than my older dual core box.”

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PROBOX2_EX_boxThe Probox2 EX comes with great processing power coupled with the same level of graphics processing. The Remote+ is really very good and it is huge factor to consider when purchasing this Android TV box. Being pre-rooted out of the box is a really nice touch by Probox2 and it saves so much time and trouble. The Probox2 EX is really a solid contender, with specs that can compete with more popular Android TV boxes and an amazing remote which comes free, you can’t go wrong with the Probox2 EX.



Click here to check out the PROBOX2 EX with Remote+ on Amazon


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