Top 14 best Game of Thrones moments

It has been a year since we’ve had a new Game of Thrones episodes and with the new season starting very shortly here are the top 14 best Game of Thrones moments so far.


14. Ramsay Boltons Death

Justice is served as Sansa watches her rapist get eaten by his own hounds. Throughout the show Sansa is portrayed as weak and ignorant but this scene changes all of that and shows her as strong and intelligent woman that she is.


13. Jon Snow charging Ramsay Boltons army

The emotional hothead Jon snow charging Ramsay Boltons army might not have been the best idea. Jon Snows army was less equipped, less trained and outnumbered by Boltons army and if it wasn’t for Sansa saving the day, they would all get slaughtered. Regardless, the scene was amazing.


12. Cersei’s revenge in the season 6 finale

The moment the piano starts to play you know somethings going to happen. The song “light of the seven” perfectly captures the tension in the scene and leaves you on the edge of your seat.


11. Hodors Death

Seeing the big and lovable Hodor come to his end is truly heart breaking. Simultaneously revealing the significance of his character through the deep level of foreshadowing of his death.


10. Tyrion trying to help the homeless woman and her baby

Tyrion genuinely tries to be nice to a homeless woman and her baby but ends up looking like an evil dwarf who wants to her baby. Hilarious!!


9. Tyrion sharing some wisdom with Jon Snow

Tyrion Lannisters coming off as a dick but genuinely giving Jon Snow some inspirational advice about his unfortunate situation and constant seek of approval from his father.


8. Oberyn  Martell vs The Mountain

Although the he gets his eyes gouged and his head smashed in, Oberyn Martell was such a awesome character. He had some of the best monologues and very impressive fighting skill that could have easily won against The Mountain.


7. Tywin Lanisters introduction

This is the first time we get to see Tywin Lannister and of course we see him gutting and skinning a stag. Whether you see him as a ruthless dick or just a smart guy looking out for his family there is no doubt that Charles Dance did an amazing job portraying Tywin Lannister.


6. Ramsay Bolton getting beat up Jon Snow

The sight of Ramsay Bolton on his back getting his head bashed in is just so satisfying. We probably all wished we were Jon Snow punching that little pricks face in.


5. The Red Wedding

All the bloodiness and gore plus the fact that the Starks are all going to die, this scene is just jaw dropping (at least for us that didn’t read the books)


4. Ned Starks beheading

Up until where Ned Stark gets beheaded you’re like “Nope, he can’t die” and you’re figuring out what cunning plan someones going to execute to save him. Then he get’s his head chopped off, major bummer.


3. Tyrion Lannisters trial

From witty one liners to incredible performances Peter Dinklage is such  is such an amazing actor who plays Tyrion Lannister perfectly. Tyrion Lannisters trial scene is arguably one of the best acting scenes of the whole show.


2. The Hound creative choice of words

This intense fight scene properly depicts The Hounds simple but blunt attitude that makes him a total bad ass. His quirky choice of words and the care he developed for Arya makes him such a likeable character.


1. The King of the North

It starts off with Lyanna Mormont rgoing against the grain and showing her full support for Jon Snow, this riles up the other heads of houses to do the same and eventually declaring Jon Snow the King of the North!

There you have it the top 14 best Game of Throne moments. I hope this eases the year long wait for season 7 which will start very soon. As the show continues you can expect much more awesome moments to come.

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