Tronsmart Vega S89 Review


The Tronsmart Vega is not like any other android TV box for a good number of reasons, starting from its physical features. This is device is circular, contrary to the name android TV “BOX”, which has always been expected to come in a square or rectangular shape. It is compact enough to fit one hand as you hold it, with reasonable thickness and weight. That’s just for it’s outer appearance, wait for what it has kept inside that suave exterior. Here’s a compilation of facts about this device which will help you decide whether or not you should buy this product.


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tronsmart-vega-s89 (2)POWER BUTTON

Not all android TV boxes have a functional power button for manual operation apart from also having a remote control as an alternative. This power button can be used to turn on, shut down, and even put the device to sleep to one’s desire. Why is this a good feature you might ask? Having the option of being able to manually control your device is mainly for safety. It may not happen often put a power surge would compromise your device and also might put you at risk. Having a physical button you can use allows you to make sure that the device is turned of before unplugging or plugging it in. That small button is a very simple addition but a very helpful one.



Most android TV boxes only give 8 GB of built in internal memory but the Tronsmart Vega gives double of that. Imagine how much more pictures, videos and other files you can keep in your device with this vast amount of storage space. On top of that, you can still use SD cards for external storage up to 64 GB. Big memory can also aid in speedy processing of files and will facilitate smooth functioning.



  • Cortex-A9 Quad Core Amlogic S802 processor
  • Android Kitkat 4.4 operating system
  • Card reader for SD/SDHC/MMc cards (up to 64 GB)
  • HDMI CEC support
  • 1080p user interface
  • True 4K*2K output
  • Blu-Ray ISO and 4K video playback
  • DOLBY TrueHD and DTS HD Bypass through HDMI
  • Good wifi and ethernet performance
  • Supports Bluetooth 4.0


tronsmart-vega-s89 (5)CUSTOMER REVIEWS AND SCORES

It is said that the Tronsmart Vega is specially designed to look really good on TV but it’s interface is quite far from what you will see on a phone or a tablet. With this said, you might want to consider your ability to be flexible with different interfaces. There are a lot more opinions given by others who already purchased and got a chance to try this device. We’ve looked through them and we made a short comparison between different views.

There are around 49 reviews for the Tronsmart Vega on Amazon and more than half of them gave 4 to 5 stars as rating. There is a play between positive and negative remarks but generally the consumers are happy with their purchase.

One reviewer said: “Had some problems getting Ethernet cable to be recognized. I finally connected by toggling on static IP and then proxy on and then back off.” This is indeed an acceptable flaw but no one else seemed to experience the same problem so perhaps this is an isolated case.

Another said: “For computer freaks, it’s five stars. For normal end users I would say it is 3 stars, at least until the few defects present are completely ironed out.” This n my opinion is also a valid claim as for every new device, there would always be something that needs to be ironed out and improved hence paving the way for an upgrade or a newer version. Also, there wold always be a learning curve for those first timers or newbies so don’t be intimidated.


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On the positive side, here are some quotes from reviewers:

“After a week of use, I really like this device. It’s got a number of quirks/bugs, and it is really more for the tech savvy, but it is really quite an awesome device. ”

“Simply put….O.M.G.!!!! This is quite a cool invention. After installing the Tronsmart Vega and seeing it’s potential for finding TV and Movies, I ditched the Roku. This device has XBMC, Netflix, you Tube Vudu, and many other apps you can install from the Play Store, just like you can do on your Android phone. I’m really pleased with this with one exception…the remote pretty much sucks.”

“Ok so here we go first off WOW what a great HTPC(Home theater personal computer). This box can play anything you can think of!!!! It comes with a program called XBMC in which you can find dang near any movie you could ever want to watch.”



This all new android TV box is packed with a more powerful and updated components that will give you a smooth playback and easy operation. It offers crisp video and audio feed along with a stable firmware. It has a physical power button that is not very common among other android TV boxes and it also has a lot of internal storage space. It is a bundle of wonderful features at a reasonable price.


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