VR Case RK3PLUS Review

The RK3PLUS VR Case by Ovinm is a Google Cardboard supported headset immerse you in the amazing world of virtual reality. All you need is your smartphone and you’re all set to go. Unlike officially supported Google Cardboard viewers the RK3PLUS is sturdier and more permanent then the cardboard made alternatives by Google. Google official cardboard headset sells for $16.99 but when you think about it you are buying cardboard which can get wet and tear. It does have lenses but they have no adjustments at all. Lastly it has no strap so you would have to always hold it against your face. Surprisngly the VR Case RK3PLUS headset at $19.99 is only $4 more then the official Google Cardboard but has so much more features.

The VR Case RK3PLUS headset really stands out and is quite popular gaining a score of 4.7 stars out of 5 stars and placing it on the bestsellers list in the video display glasses category on Amazon.com.

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The Appearance


Very Sci-Fi looking.

The VR Case looks really cool and looks like a prop in a hollywood sci-fi movie. Just by looking at it you know that it is really sturdy and solid. There are no parts that are flimsy and overall the VR case is tough. The support pads on the inside of the headset are perforated and looks quite luxurious. The support T-strap is quite flexible and uses micro Velcro for adjustment. Looking inside the headset you will see properly sized lenses and above the case are toggles to adjust each lens from side to side and forward and back.


The Experience

The experience you get really all boils down to the smartphone you are using the headset with. I first used the VR Case with an iPhone 5S and although it says it’s compatible with 4″-6″ smartphones the iPhone 5S with it’s 4″ screen was really terrible. I could see the speaker and home button through the lenses, it was really too small. I tried it again with a Samsung Note 4 with it’s 5.7″ which was big enough plus the amazing display of the Note 4 really made it perfect.

Here is what the tray looks like with an Apple iPhone 5S(left) and Samsung Note 4(right).



Couldn’t read the QR Code since it was too blurry

Although the instruction manual was horrible because the QR code was too small and blurry I did search the internet for the VR Cases designated QR code( You can find the QR Code here along with other headsets). Once Google Cardboard recognized my headset I just put my phone inside the tray, adjusted the lens and I was ready to enjoy some virtual reality.

One major issue I had which didn’t let me enjoy Google Cardboard was that the headset doesn’t come with a way to click or press a button needed to use the Google Cardboard app. You need to buy a Bluetooth controller for you to be able to press the button on the app. Regardless of this I found that I enjoyed watching media more then actually being engaged in games or apps that require interactivity.

>> Here is the Bluetooth Controller that lets you push the “button” using the Google Cardboard App <<

I’ve tried several common VR apps like Rollercoaster VR Sea World VR2 and Galactic Rush which were a bit of fun. Horror Apps like Insidious VR and Sisters were a little disappointing being not as terrifying as I expected. I was very intrested in Apps that let you explore other sites so I tried Titans of Space, Sites in VR and Street View they were indeed very interesting for a while but gets kind of boring since they are just 360 pictures and not moving.

I really just found myself using two apps with this and those are YouTube and Fulldive.

I love watching YouTube videos and whenever I want to waste time or bored I just go on YouTube and watch videos. Watching YouTube with this headset is amazing though because it’s like you’re sitting in the cinema watching a giant screen.


Inside the Fulldive App.

Fulldive is an amazing app since it acts like a central hub in virtual reality that lets you watch videos and photos saved on your phone, it has a databse of 360 movies and videos that it pulls from Youtube and has an VR Market that collects many different VR apps to download. My favorite thing about Fulldive is that it easily allows you switch between everything you can do in VR such as open up your installed VR apps, watch movies and shows saved on your phone, watch 360 videos and 3D movies stored in it’s database and it has it’s own version of Youtube that allows you to search with Voice command so you don’t have to pull out your phone to search for videos you want to watch.


Click here to check out the RK3PLUS VR Case by Ovinm on Amazon

The Good

Here is a List of the things I like with the VR Case RK3PLUS headset

  • Very easy to setup – Aside from downloading the VR apps on my smartphone all I really had to do was open up the box take out the headset slide my phone in the tray and put it on my head. It was just that simple, I didn’t have to read the instruction manual. Since it doesn’t require any power you don’t have to charge it or turn on anything.
  • DSCF3031

    Toggles for adjustment

    Adjustable – The RK3PLUS headset has lenses that you can adjust from side to side and lets you adjust the lens nearer or further from your eyes. I learned that the closer you get the lenses to your eyes the more immersed you are in the Virtual Reality. This adjustable is also great for those who needs to wear glasses. I can’t imagine other headsets that don’t have this wide range of adjustable.

  • Padding – The VR Case RK3PLUS headset has very nice padding. When I first saw the headset I was actually surprised of how good the quality of the padding was. It aslo has a perforated surface which allows for better ventilation.
  • T-Strap Support – The straps itself are quite flexible but rigid enough that the headset doesn’t bounce around even though the headset along with your phone is quite heavy. There is a main strap that goes around your head and a third strap that comes from the top of the headset and joins the other two in the back forming a “T” This system is very comfortable but what I think that gives the comfort is the large flexible pad on the back that joins the 3 straps.

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The Bad

Of course there is a few bad things about this headset:

  • No “button” – Google Cardboard was made to really have a “button” to push which is how you got around the Google Cardboard App. The VR Case didn’t have this button which wouldn’t allow me to enter the demos in the Google Cardboard App and also play some VR games that I downloaded earlier. There is a bundle that includes a Bluetooth controller that gives you input.
  • DSCF3018

    DIY center guide and headphone cable management

    No center guide – Researching other headsets I noticed that all the headsets had trays which have an arrow indicating the center so you can properly center your smartphone. The VR Case RK3PLUS didn’t have this center. At first I had to make tiny adjustments after looking inside the headset if it was not centered. After a while it got very tiring so I just made my own center indicator with some tape and a ruler. Very simple solution.

  • Cable management – Smartphones are made differently and my iPhone 5S has the headphone jack on the bottom which is great because the tray slides in from the right. Although the main phone I used the Note 4 had it’s headphone jack on the left which made it very tricky because the phone tray slides in from the right. What I first did was feed my headphones through the hole but my headphones would get tangled when I slid the tray in and out of the headset. I later found a solution where I ran the cable around the phone and out the left side of the tray. This worked perfectly.

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How good and bad your experience with Virtual Reality really depends on one factor and that is the smartphone you use with these headsets. One you’ve taken care of that the VR headset takes care of the rest. The VR Case RK3PLUS headsets does have some minor problems but they can be dealt with fairly easily as I’ve explained earlier. The biggest issue I had with the headset is the lack of a button that a Google Cardboard headset should have. There is an option to get a bluetooth controller as a bundle which I highly suggest if you’re looking into getting one.
DSCF3036Looking at the good points the headset really shines and what creates the best Virtual Reality experience you can get. These headsets are meant to be worn so they really can’t be a one size fits all deal. Adjustable straps and more importantly adjustable lenses allows the headset to fit to anyone from adult to child. Lens adjustment is really very important because how perfectly the lenses are adjusted dicatates how immersed in Virtual Reality you can get. Being in virtual reality means you will spend minutes and even hours wearing the headset so comfort is very important. Good padding support and ventilation provided by the VR Case RK3PLUS headset keeps you very comfortable while wearing the headset.

While the VR Case RK3PLUS headset isn’t the absolute best VR experience you can get it is the best value for money VR headset you can get right now. With just $4 more then the official Google Cardboard you get a sturdy and comfortable VR headset.

Click here to check out the RK3PLUS VR Case by Ovinm on Amazon


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