What can an Android TV box do?

So, you have a regular “not” smart TV and you’re thinking of investing a little cash for a home media center . An android TV box is a great option, It is generally cheaper then the more main stream media players and has all the same features and sometimes more. There are many home media center solutions but why choose an Android TV box? If you’re on the fence about getting an Android TV box or are wondering, “What can an Android TV box do?” then here are some of the awesome things it can allow you do.


1. Home media center

android TV media center

An Android TV box will provide you with a perfect home media center. You can watch cable on your regular TV but hooked up to the internet you can watch all sorts of videos from YouTube, Netflix or Hulu, there are tons of video services on the net that provides you to watch high definition video and of course Jam to your favorite tunes with dozens of music services like Spotify and Rdio and online radios like Pandora or Jango.

2. Play video games

android TV for gaming

Android has very nice casual games which are fun for mobile devices but it also has some very graphic intensive games which is perfect on a big screen. All you need is a USB or wireless compatible video game pad and you can burn away hours with first person shooters like Dead Trigger and N.O.V.A 3 or release your inner racer with driving games like Raging Thunder 2 and Asphalt 7: Heat. Head over to the Google Play Store and download all the game apps for those lazy days you just want to live on your couch.


3. Video conference

android TV for webcam

All you need is too setup your webcam in front of the TV and you can video chat with your friends or family who are in the other side of the world. The great thing about an Android TV box is that everyone in the living room can join in the conversation, this is perfect for those special occasions or holidays where a family member is working overseas or simply can’t make it. Skype is a very popular app for video chat and is free on the Google Play Store.


4. Second computer

android TV as second PC

You may sometimes encounter fighting or arguing over the use of the computer. A household usually has one desktop and maybe an extra laptop, but what if for whatever reason they are all being used? An Android TV box is basically a computer attached to your TV. It may not run Photoshop or any fancy video editing software but it is connected to the internet which means you can check our emails and browse the internet. You can even edit your documents using Androids Google Docs.


An Android TV box is great option when considering a Home media center. It will do provide all the Video and Audio features and unlike other media players give you other features as well. If you are ready to get an Android TV box check out this comparison guide so you can choose the right one for you.


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