If you are deciding between an Android TV Box and Chromecast for your television, but don’t know where to start, read on… Here is a much more detailed look at both products to determine which one is better.


What Are They?

Both, the Android TV Box and Chromecast are digital media players. The major differences between them are their hardware and platform.


This is an HDMI dongle that needs to be plugged into the back of your television and connected with your Android device via Wi-Fi. You need to download the Chromecast application on your phone and can then stream your smartphone’s screen on your TV or simply play content through a different application like YouTube via your Wi-Fi connection.

Android TV

This is like a smartphone OS for television and is a much advanced system. It is similar to a set-up box like Apple TV but is more than just a set-up box. It is a software system that can turn an HD TV into a smart TV and is a platform for streaming online content.

You can either stream the content from your smartphone (similar to the Chromecast) or can control everything on the Android TV using your phone, tablet or voice. Similar to the smartphone OS, there isn’t just one version of the Android TV. All manufacturers add their own customizations and there are a number of Android TV dongles and set-up boxes.  However none of them can match the quality of our Android TV Box.


Android TV Vs. Chromecast – The Cost Factor

An entry-level Chromecast model costs about 35 USD and the Chromecast Ultra that supports 4K videos costs about 69 USD. However when it comes to an Android TV, the pricing is much more complicated. This is because there isn’t just one Android TV Box model.

There are numerous cheap Android TV boxes available on the market. Some Chinese models cost less than 20 USD. However, if you’re looking for a good quality Android TV Box like ours, it could can cost up to 99 USD (the price can vary).


Android TV Vs. Chromecast – The Operating System

If the operating system matters a lot to you, the Chromecast might not be the perfect fit. You view all content on it via your phone, laptop or tablet as it doesn’t have a user interface.

Some applications are Chromecast-enabled, which means they have a Cast button which replicates the audio and visual output on the TV screen. You can also mirror your device’s screen but this requires your phone to remain on, draining its battery.

In comparison, our Android TV Box comes with a user interface which you can control either via remote or your smartphone app. Instead of installing an application on you smartphone, you can install the app directly on the Android TV device as well.

 As you can see, there are some distinct differences between an Android TV Box and Chromecast and our device trumps over the latter. Feel free to browse our website and see what this wonderful piece of technology is all about. For any more information, feel free to send us queries via this Contact Us form today.