If you are a movie buff or love watching various TV shows, Android TV Box  is the perfect device to invest in. Via this device, you can access movies and your favourite shows through various applications – all without the need of an advanced smart TV.

While many people do have wide screen TVs with 4k panels, they still need cable connections to watch shows and movies and of course you have the option to watch the programs you want, via BlueRay or DVD player. But why use dated technology when you have an extremely convenient and simple way to access all the movies and shows you want?

Our Android TV Box is the only thing you would need to enjoy a truly amazing TV watching experience. But that’s not where the benefits and features end. Take a look at how your TV Box offers even more convenience with the latest technology.


Voice Remote For TV Box

While the TV Box will help you turn your regular HD TV into a smart TV, we have added another layer of convenience to your TV watching experience- Voice Remote for TV Box!  This is one of the best ways to navigate to the shows and screens or menu option you want. The Android TV Box remote comes with a dedicated mic button that you can use to send commands to the system.

This search function works across all the navigation menus on the screen and can prove to be extremely useful. For example, you can give voice commands like “go to Netflix” or “Play episode 3 of XXX show” etc. – it’s that simple.


Voice Remote For TV Box – The Benefits


  • Adding voice recognition to the television remote control alters the entire user experience and turns it into an amazing one.
  • Without any voice recognition, most modern remotes present extremely frustrating exercises in transmit delays, button pushing, painful spelling exercises, lost progress, etc. This isn’t something you need to be concerned about when you use Voice Remote For TV Box.
  • You can also access all your favourite TV programs in a dark room without having to worry about fidgeting with the buttons on the remote.
  • With a voice-recognition remote the entire interaction becomes super-fast- all you have to do is activate the remote and speak a command. In comparison, the manual process of accessing demands or even giving commands for other functions like recording programs and more can be quit arduous. But with the Voice Remote For TV Box all it takes is a few steps. Simply activate the remote, say the command and confirm the action.


The Best Voice Remote For TV Box

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to using a Voice Remote for TV Box. This device can change the way you access your favourite movies and TV shows. Our Android TV Box is the ultimate in bringing an amazing TV experience into your home.

For a limited time period, we are selling our Android TV Box + Voice Remote (for free) For any more information, feel free to send us queries via this Contact Us form today.